Larry Snell

Since moving back to California three years ago and leaving our Gold Canyon property - located in Las Colinas III - in the care of the "Barracuda Boys" we have only ever had one number to call any time that we needed something to be taken care of. Barracuda has taken care of everything from packing all our furniture into a self-drive truck and meeting me at Sky Harbor when we decided to rent the property out a year or so back, they check the condition of our property after any renters leave and they tend the front yard in between rentals so that the HOA remains happy in our absence. One call is all it takes and its done quickly, reliably and efficiently. They really do provide me with the peace of mind of knowing that there is someone right there in Gold Canyon to take care of things for me if I'm not there to take care of things myself.  

Jerry Minear

I am what Barracuda would probably call an "Absent Homeowner" since moving back to Seattle and renting out my Gold Canyon property nearly two years ago now. I have left the entire care and maintenance of my property to Barracuda from that date to this. They gave the entire interior a complete refresh - including cielings, walls, doors, baseboards and even kitchen cabinetry - and also look after both the pool and the yard for me on an ongoing basis. They really do make life easy for me.

Terry Hartung

I recently purchased a winter home in Gold Canyon and needed someone both to take care of my front yard and to keep an eye on things at the property during the summer months when I'm at home in Oregon. Barracuda offered me a tailored service that is absolutely perfect for me. Our HOA is a pain when it comes to tending the tree in our front yard and I wanted someone to call by every few days or so to check windows and doors foe signs of anyone trying to gain entry to the property. Their willingness to be flexible both in terms of what they do for me and in what it costs me is what got them the business.

Terry Hartung, Homeowner, Gold Canyon


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